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9/13/07 3:07:38PM
Kimbo Slice vs Tank Abbott betting odds have been posted by with Slice coming in as the -330 favorite over Abbott.

9/13/07 3:43:29PM
Slice looked very very impressive with his win over merciless Mercer. That being said Mercer didn't know what in the hell he was getting into. This fight will not get past the first and I see Slice winning, but he better be careful. If he was smart he would takedown tank and GnP him into a TKO. Can't wait to see this one on youtube.
9/13/07 5:03:33PM
Kimbo is def. gunna stand with Tank unless Bas tells him to take him down cus he listens to Bas either way i see Kimbo 1st round tko / ko
9/13/07 5:17:24PM
I could even see Kimbo just ko'ing him. Boy has got HEAVY hands!!
9/13/07 5:20:56PM
I think Kimbo is going to try to stand with Tank. Which could get him in trouble if Tank can land a big shot. Any other way I see Kimbo mauling Tank. Especially in the gas tank department
9/13/07 5:28:05PM
kimbo should win this
9/13/07 9:17:09PM
Kimbos gonna get KO'd plain and simple. His chance is to take it to the ground, unless the real Tank Abbott shows. I'm not talking about the one that takes a week notice fight and shows up. I'm talking about the prepared Tank Abbott (If there is such a thing anymore)

I'm talking about the one that would throw his heavy right just to set up his shot. Seeing as he was a wrestler in college and he has showed excellent ground skills at one point (8 years ago or so)

I am saying the odds are correct, Tank should be the underdog. But I don't see Tank getting dropped in this one. He's due for a highlight reel.
9/13/07 11:15:35PM
i agree,your not giving tank enough credit.he's by no means very technical,but he is a mma/cage fight vet,probably has just as much but prob better ground,and the hands to bang.he may not win-but he def has a chance too.
9/14/07 12:12:04AM
I would never give Kimbo the slightest chance if it wasn't for the fact that he trains with Bas Rutten and according to Bas is an excellent student
9/14/07 12:37:38AM
I agree that Kimbo should win this, and probably will....

but I think with only one MMA fight under his belt, that those are pretty generous odds... especially with the power of Tank... yeah he may be over the hill...but the last thing a puncher loses is his punch...and if Kimbo gets caugh with one of those he could very well drop...
9/14/07 9:26:52AM
this is an interesting matchup provided that tank gets in his time machine and goes back to 1995
9/14/07 1:17:33PM
Tank 2nd round KO.....just like the other big black guy he hit that time and when he locked up!
9/15/07 12:39:47AM

Posted by jomatty

this is an interesting matchup provided that tank gets in his time machine and goes back to 1995

hahahaha yeah and replace kimbo with Paul Varelans

i have rooted for tank a ton in the past, but hes a pit fighter with only 2 wins in mma since 1998 and kimbo is just starting to take mma training seriously

give him a few beers and let em fight at a bar and i may pick tank though
2/15/08 6:14:14PM
fight at a bar, Kimbo ftw.

Fight in the cage Kimbo ftw.

Are you guys honestly comparing Kimbo to tank?
I know Tanks has good credidentials but as a fighter he's just Kimbo's supper.

Kimbo's punches are wicked strong, HULKLY.
and he can take a punch,

Basically tanks dumb to stand with my boy Kimbo, and he's dumb to take it to the he shouldnt have talked shit
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