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3/17/09 2:05:13PM
According to comments attributed to Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson in a new interview with The Nassau Guardian, Slice could be set to embark on a professional boxing career soon rather than later.

3/17/09 3:02:34PM
Sounds like a good option considering a smaller Seth KO'ed him in like fifteen seconds.......LOL
3/17/09 3:04:08PM
wow, good luck better hope that they give some chumps first so that your "bobbin and weavin" will actually be effective
3/17/09 3:04:52PM
Kimbo -vs- Butterbean

3/17/09 5:01:49PM
First of all- being perfectly clear here I think Kimbo would get destroyed even worse by some pro boxers than he would by pro mixed martial artists. In MMA there's so many different styles that you can make up for not being a complete pro in one or another. With boxing, it's just boxing. Every legit top HW boxer has been doing it almost their whole life, and they are down to the point of being scientific about it. That's why they call boxing "the sweet science" because it is exactly that.

So, Kimbo.. I wish you all the luck, and I really think HW boxing needs an infusion to make it popular again, but man... hope you're ready to get KTFO.
3/17/09 5:07:51PM
Hum well I wish him the best of luck because he is going to need lots of it as his stand up isn't even that of most mid level boxers.
3/17/09 6:18:56PM
he should his ground game sucks
i don't think he will last as a boxer either
3/17/09 7:38:42PM
hahahahaha dude gets KO'd by a pumped up Seth Petruzelli jab in a few seconds and he wants to get into a sport where people are ONLY going to punch you

3/17/09 9:53:42PM
sounds like a good decision
3/18/09 12:39:25AM
anyone actually care?
3/18/09 2:22:22AM
I hope they have enough cans in his weight class to fight him or hug with him when he runs out of gas.
3/18/09 4:06:15AM
He should go back to backyard boxing IMO
3/18/09 2:28:10PM

Posted by Drudinh

He should go back to backyard boxing IMO

He should go with Mayhem and fight the bullies.
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