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7/15/08 5:47:27PM
EliteXC heavyweight Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson (3-0) will return to action this fall, but a fight with Brett Rogers (8-0) is neither signed nor even guaranteed at this point.
7/15/08 5:53:31PM
im not a fan of kimbo but i would definitely like to see his next fight and i would really like to see him fight Brett.
7/15/08 5:54:01PM
of course he won't fight brett. they're going to give him a can he can beat.
7/15/08 5:58:29PM
i think kristian rotharmel is coming out of retirement to fight kimbo
7/15/08 6:15:25PM
No Brett Rogers Fight = More Protecting the Kimbo.

7/15/08 7:24:05PM

Posted by Wolf

of course he won't fight brett. they're going to give him a can he can beat.

Said it best.Rogers and Antonio Silva are the 2 guys he needs to face,though I'm doubting he'll ever fight either one.
7/15/08 7:56:42PM
not until one of them either has an injury or something severe happen to them emotionally because they gotta know brett would pound kimbo's face in. must be new steps taken to correct gary shaw's stupidity and put an end to his big mouth/gut. was hoping to see that fight but meh, not like i'll watch it live anyway, the circus lost flavor when i was 12.
7/15/08 9:48:35PM
I do hope it's Rogers next and it should be but I'll watch him fight and root for Kimbo either way.
7/15/08 9:48:38PM
Like how they say Kimbo will fight Brett but now start changing their tune. This is just sad either have the guy fight top fighters and headline him or have him fight lower level fighters and don't headline him. But having him fight lower level fighters and headlining him is just disrespectful to the fans and the other fighters.
7/16/08 1:29:57AM
who's kimbo slice?
7/16/08 9:12:13AM
Honestly, id rather see him fight a good ground fighter than Rogers. I think Rogers would beat him anyway but i want someone to submit him just to show people that he doesnt have the full range of skills to compete.

I also hope the whole Kimbo fiasco doesnt turn people off from EliteXC. The production is a little trashy but their next card is stacked and free and it would be a shame for them to fail because people are upset about some circus freak.
7/16/08 11:22:30AM

Posted by bigbubbano23

who's kimbo slice?

Maybe you are thinking about Bimbo Rice.

Sorry that was bad of me.
7/16/08 2:02:14PM
I guess all the people posting in forums saying Kimbo would get KTFO by rogers in the first two minutes has made them change their minds about letting those two fight. I mean you cant have your "star" losing in a dominated fashion. I hope whoever Kimbo fights KO's him with a flying knee and on his way out he gets caught in a RNC so that way he was KO'd and submitted.
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