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3/28/07 4:42:11PM
A relative unknown in the professional boxing world, Kimbo Slice is anything but unknown to mixed martial arts (MMA) fans.

3/28/07 4:49:17PM
actually sounded fairly classy there, still i dont like his chances against a former olympic and HW champ even if its not boxing rules
3/28/07 5:54:56PM
both are two ugly ass sluggers

im under the influence it will be an early ko with the way both of those guys can slug
3/28/07 8:21:18PM

Posted by zephead

A relative unknown in the professional boxing world, Kimbo Slice is anything but unknown to mixed martial arts (MMA) fans.


Of course he sounds classy. He probably realizes he is not fighting some wannabe on the street and doesn't want to look like a cocky fool if (when() he loses. He has to feel humbled in some way.
3/29/07 12:23:40AM
Better spoken than I thought he'd be. IF he is serious (which I kinda doubt) he will learn to pyramid his training towards planned fights and give up the backyard stuff. More than likely he'll get KTFO'd and go back to the backyards saying it took a world champ olympian to ko me.
3/31/07 3:09:31AM
Kimbo is a monster against your average tough guy in the street but MMA is different. Hell, Sean Gannon could have choked him to death any time he wanted and could have pummeled him to death after Kimbo gassed. I don't think Mercer/Kimbo will be legitimate mma. I'm sure Ray won't be pulling out any jiu jitsu when they fight but I hate to think what Mercer could do in a pair of 4 oz. gloves. It should be fun to watch tho!
11/15/07 11:15:56PM
p.s if anyone of you saw the fight.

EASY win for Kimbo.
a little too easy.
11/15/07 11:40:44PM
I love how he says he and Mercer are going to bang, but he quickly choked him out. I'll admit it was very smart of him, if he tried to bang with Mercer he would of quickly gotten KTFO no doubt about it.

Kimbo gave up the backyard antics quite a while ago and has been training hard at MMA, will he live up to hype? We shall see, choking out someone with no MMA experience and fighting a guy who usually looses in the first 30 seconds and is obviously terrified of you (I swear once that spinning backfist missed all Kimbo would of had to do was growl and Bo would of been tapping like Fred Astaire).

I look forward to seeing him fight a talented MMA fighter, with Bas training him and according to Bas, him an eager sponge of a student who knows what could happen. My only concern would be his age, he's no spring chicken and he has a LOT to learn.

Edit.. Hmm sorry for the Necro post! Oddly enough this was at the top of the news section for me with the post from KeNn coming up as new... strange.
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