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4/15/08 2:26:35AM
It’s funny what major network television exposure can do for a promotion that is eager to lock-in its stars to long-term deals.

Street fighting legend Kimbo Slice, female MMA phenom Gina Carano and EliteXC Middleweight Champion “Ruthless” Robbie Lawler all signed “long-term extensions” with EliteXC today.


Looks like they are trying to keep their stable of star fighters with them for the long haul. This is one step closer for them trying to be the UFC's fiercest competitor. As long as each fighter continues to grow in popularity and they can keep them in house they could become a fixture in MMA for a long time.
4/15/08 2:57:37AM
Good for them. I could care less about Kimbo but Carano is awesome and I really wish Lawler would get back in the UFC there are some good matchups for him.
4/15/08 4:56:59AM
If it's because they are worried that the UFC might pick them up they would't have had toworry about Kimbo or Gina. The UFC don't promote womens fights, unless she wanted to become a ring girl. As far as Kimbo goes I think Dana thinks he shouldn't be allowed near the sport. Lawler on the other hand...
4/15/08 7:14:05AM
yeah, i dont see a contract for lawler with ufc right at this moment (assuming he was a free agent) but i def see discussion.h ha
4/15/08 9:18:11AM
Kimbo is a draw thats it. MAYBE the casual fan will realize one day that he's just being fed easy matches (which are probably even being decided beforehand). Slice is the best example of a promoters only hope for huge sell outs.

As for Gina, congrats for her. Best of luck to her. She's probably the closest to being the top of the Female MMA pile as i can think of. Maybe not record or talent wise, but definitely pay and popularity.

I love that each of these fighters are being slated for the first CBS event. What's Shaw going to do for the second event? All his big fighters are on the first mainstreamed card.
4/15/08 11:45:43AM
gutted, i wanna see lawler in UFC
4/15/08 2:41:18PM

Lawler is one of the VERY few guys in EliteXC that I think deserve to be in the UFC .... the other few would be Jake Shields, Nick Diaz, and KJ Noons.
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