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2/17/08 1:54:45PM
who would win this fight? I truely believe that If eddie wanted to make a statement and bang with kimbo hed be knocked out

2/17/08 2:08:48PM
As I have stated before. Styles make fights! Kimbo could go in against any striker and possibly win, even against the biggest names. Sure it would be a smarter fight for him to take and he would earn alot of respect, but until I see him in against an "A level" grappler, wrestler, JJ fighter, I will write him off as being strictly an entertainer.
4/10/08 9:33:56AM
kimbo would kill him
4/10/08 11:21:43AM
I think this would be a pretty fair fight... Don't see why Eddie couldn't stand with him... He's got a good chin and is a relatively accomplished fighter, who's only loss was to CroCop... Big strong guy, good chin, and some steam behind his hands... Tough fight to call, but it would be Kimbo's toughest to date, but if Eddie was the underdog, I wouldn't have a problem putting a big chunck of change on him
4/10/08 1:32:59PM
Kimbo is probably as good if not better on his feet. But Sanchez, by virtue of having a career in MMA vs. streetfighting, is probably twice the wrestler and ground fighter that Kimbo is. Unless Kimbo can overwhelm his opponents or faces one-dimensional fighters like Tank he is going to lose. Most of the HWs in the UFC would beat him IMO, including Sanchez.

Kimbo's power, chin and boxing technique do appear to be quite good. But none have appreciably improved since he landed hundreds of punches on Sean Gannon without dropping him. Some guys aren't going to just crumble to the ground when they get punched by Kimbo. I'm sure EliteXC will do all they can to avoid them like the plague.
4/10/08 6:33:06PM
That would be an interesting fight to see.Sanchez would a have a good reach advantage though wouldn't he?I think he's pretty tall.

Anyhow,at this point in Kimbo's career I think the next logical fight for him in Elite XC is to fight Antonio Silva.If he can even go the distance with Bigfoot I would be impressed
4/10/08 9:23:19PM
too many Kimbo what if fights around here...haha..

it woul dbe a good match though I think..I would guess if Kimbo could get inside a bit he would probably come out with a KO win.....but Eddie has some reach and could possibly keep him back...
4/10/08 10:49:40PM
they are in two different promotions, i fight would not happen, i think eddie needs a step up in competition next gonzaga might be a good opponent next for him, as for kimbo i agree with bigfoot silva, if he can beat him then i would be impressed, or even if he fought ricco rodriquez but they will feed cans to kimbo for the next year or so but by promoting him as the next best thing i agree with chuck what has he done besides be a thug and knock some people out on video
4/10/08 11:01:29PM
I'd look for Kimbo to take him down!!
Possibly sub him.
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