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POLL: Opinion of Kimbo
Much respect for entering TUF 78% (46)
Wish you would just go away 3% (2)
Couldn't care less 8% (5)
I want him around to watch him get beat on 10% (6)
7/17/09 8:49:48PM
As the mixed martial arts community prepares itself for the most anticipated season of the highly successful Ultimate Fighter series, much of the attention has been centered around one man.

The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights is set to begin airing on September 16 and will feature a bearded brawler that goes by the name of Kevin Ferguson, more commonly known as Kimbo Slice.

Eager to redeem himself in the fight game following his fourteen second embarrassment at the hands of Seth Petruzelli in October of 2008, Kimbo threw the masses for a curve ball when it was recently announced that he would be part of the upcoming heavyweight TUF cast


Personally the more I hear about Kimbo post Elite XC especially recently the more respect I have gained for him...I wish him the best of luck
7/17/09 8:56:09PM
I got nothing but respect for this guy now. At first, when he started out I thought this guy's nothing, he is just a thug who hits hard but now that he has showed me he really wants to try and become a UFC fighter and knows that brawling ain't gonna do it. He shows me that he wants to learn about technique and other stuff like wrestling and jiu jitsu. Much respect Kimbo.
7/17/09 9:20:43PM
agreed. I thought the guy let the "youtube phenomenon" status get to him and was going to disappear after that eye opener he had with Petruzelli, and looks like hes steppin up to the plate to try and prove Dana White wrong. Much respect to him and wish up the best of luck....after all hes a repping my city of MIami!
7/17/09 10:06:22PM

‘I can’t just come with one dimension; I’ll get smashed’

Thank you captain obvious
7/17/09 10:43:21PM
i always actually liked kimbo, no i didnt think he was a god like shaw and Elite EXC pushed him as, no i dont think he can become UFC champ, he's a good FN headliner or PPV opening fight guy, he's much like Tank was, every fight SOME1 get KTFO, him actually going into TUF and trying to earn his respect and learn some skills should get him some respect of some fans, but he will ALWAYS have haters because of his internet fighting, much like Brock will always have haters because of his WWF/WWE stint
7/18/09 2:05:01AM
i think kimbo has more potential than most would give him credit for. i just think he needs the right coaches and camp to bring it out. not sure bas rutten was the best coach for him. Kimbo doesnt seem like the type that wants to decipher "bing-bong-bing" and "dinga-da-dinga-da-ding".
7/18/09 5:17:56AM
Well obviously he needs to be more than one dementional and the thing he sued to be one demential with was his striking and he wasn't even average at that, I mean Seth Petrazelli KO'd him with a snap kick to the face. He needs to work harder than all of the other competitors due to his age, reputation, past humiliations, etc. Kimbo still has to prove a lot but He has earned my respect by acknowledging that he needs a lot of work and that he needs to work extra hard to achive his desired status.
7/18/09 11:07:47AM
I would really like to see Kimbo improve his game and make it to the UFC.
7/18/09 12:07:22PM
i heard you already did!!!
don't worry kimbo the ufc won't cut you even if u lose in tuf
i think the ufc will give him some weak opponents and move him slowly up
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