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7/2/11 2:20:01PM
So Kimbo Slice aka Kevin Fergusen is planning on fighting Aug 13th. We've all seen the videos and that he certainly can punch.. but its really not a boxing styled approach. He just charges in there when he isn't worried about being taken down. Come August do you think he will have improved enough to look impressive? personally i think he has a decent chance of winning against low level competition because he is such an unusual striker, but I'm asking if you think he can polish his skills a bit and look like a professional boxer.
7/2/11 4:13:35PM
No.....I like the guys attitude and all, I wish him the best of luck...however I have no illusions on my views of him as a professional athlete. He just started too late IMO.....I hope he gets his bread though!
7/3/11 6:35:17AM
Of course he can succeed. Shaw will just pay a journeyman to take a dive.
7/4/11 10:34:57PM
He could win some small fights here and their but I don't think it's a big shock to anyone if he never gains a world class reputation for his boxing skills.
7/5/11 10:46:38PM
Eh, at best he'll be tye fields, big ass hype job that either KO's in the 1st or gets KO'd in the 1st.
7/5/11 10:50:43PM
Maybe Bo Cantrell is open to being his first boxing opponent.
7/23/11 12:49:44AM
I like him, but as a pro i dont see him going far
7/23/11 1:47:09PM
Although kimbo is a big draw (thanks to YouTube), I have no illusions of him going anywhere in any pro boxing for the simple fact that he has no cardio. It's like he trains at hammer house or something
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