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2/8/08 3:51:01PM
Kimbo Slice Has a Son Named “Kevlar”
Here’s Mr. Ferguson’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel last night. It was just aight for me, dog — although the Mr. T/Jeffrey mash-up was pretty brills. The most interesting revelation is that Kimbo has a George Foreman-esque egocentric quirk w/r/t naming his children. Of his six kids, two sons are named Kevin, and he has a daughter named Kevina. And of course his two-year-old is muthafuckin’ bulletproof.

2/8/08 3:54:32PM
when jimmy saked him if he ever had a relationship with another man i thought jimmy was a dead man. he came across as soft spoken, but a guy you dont want to mess with.
2/10/08 8:59:18AM
WOW. You're right, he's more soft spoken then I thought. I thought Jimmy was out of his mind. Another reason could be that this show was scripted and Kimbo already accepted what was comin during the rehearsals?
2/10/08 1:59:08PM
Kimbo is always soft spoken, or at least always has been since he's been training with Bas Rutten. After fights he gets a little amped up, of course. Who wouldn't be?

Anyway any interview I've seen that wasn't conducted inside the octagon or by a buddy's home video camera he's come off as a knowledgeable and somewhat humble guy.
4/10/08 9:35:35AM
that would be a funny fight
4/10/08 11:44:07PM

Kimbo Slice vs Jimmy Kimmel

Kimbo wins via Jimmy crapping his pants in fear all the way to his death.
4/10/08 11:55:54PM
Wouldve it been funny to see a man in the crowd and call out Kimbo?
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