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POLL: What Picture's the Best ?
1 58% (22)
2 0% (0)
3 3% (1)
4 5% (2)
5 5% (2)
6 29% (11)
1/7/08 12:12:14AM
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Picture # 1 Caption

Kimbo Slice : This how a ^%**@ EAT !

Seth Kleinbeck : Shave that beard bro

Kimbo's Manager : I'm hungry, you going to eat that bread ?

Picture # 1

Picture # 2

Picture # 3

Picture # 4

Picture # 5

Picture # 6

1/7/08 12:16:42AM
I voted for the #1 but my vote was for the performance of the bread !!

great acting !!

1/7/08 12:18:12AM
Yeah, i dont see any other.
1/7/08 2:13:11AM
#1 makes him look like a bum on the street that just won a fight for some bread. So I went with it.
1/7/08 9:19:33AM
#1 by Far. He should keep the bread has his signature.
1/7/08 10:06:11AM
I voted for #6.

"You betta stay down! "
1/8/08 7:29:20AM
Can anyone explain to me why Kimbo has a reverse treasure trail in pic #5?
1/8/08 1:04:08PM
i like 1
1/8/08 5:31:23PM
i like the last pic.... wow...
1/8/08 8:04:41PM

Posted by ncordless

Can anyone explain to me why Kimbo has a reverse treasure trail in pic #5?

Haha yea his chest hair scares me.

I voted for the one where Shonaoer has his back because people are giving him a shot to do well in MMA.
1/9/08 9:17:12AM
I vote pic #5 becuase of the corn rows in what little hair he has left on his head and then the landing strip on his just cracks me up
1/10/08 1:18:48AM
Still number #1

*in Mike Tyson voice* I would like to think my sponsor white BREAD.
1/14/08 5:27:40PM
well he pretty much is a bum on the street fighting for bread, hahah.