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9/3/08 8:14:03PM
I just saw this on tv and i was wondering what other mma fan would think about this. He is getting some more exposure with this new Facebreaker game.

Punchbreaker Ad
9/3/08 8:27:31PM
I think it's great for the guy. He's never claimed to be the best, and often refers to himself as an "infant" in MMA. I respect the guy a lot because of his sense of modesty. It's not his fault that he's getting all of this exposure, or that he's fighting the people he is. Blame all of that Gary and Jared Shaw. He's a victim of someone else hyping him.
I honestly like the guy a lot, and hope for him to have nothing but success. Also doesn't hurt that he's Bas Rutten's "protege."
9/3/08 8:31:03PM
As much as I dislike Brock Lesnar for some reason I feel about the same as the poster above me when it comes to Kimbo.

By no means do I think he's the greatest thing walking, but from what I've seen of him he's been humble in regards to the sport.
9/3/08 8:34:22PM
I think its a good thing that someone in mma is getting more mainstream exposure, i just hope that by Kimbo getting more exposure it will also give the sport more. Maybe this is the start to more and more tv ads with mma figures
9/3/08 8:42:03PM
He's about to fight again so it makes sense he's making the rounds again. Brock and Kimbo are totally diff guys and diff backgrounds and at diff points in this sport. I like them both, tho i don't like Brocks news.
9/3/08 8:53:45PM
Kimbo LT

quite a few of these, they're pretty funny

the game looks pretty silly to me.
9/3/08 9:17:50PM

Posted by nastshabast

Kimbo LT

quite a few of these, they're pretty funny

the game looks pretty silly to me.

Lol the car leg presses were pretty funny fake but funny as hell.
9/3/08 11:31:36PM
yeah it's too bad that kimbo takes the brunt of the criticism for what the Shaws and EliteXC are doing. The guy really is incredibly humble. He doesn't go around talking shit before fights and every interview I've seen with him he's not only respectful but he also comes off as being fairly intelligent. It's not like he's asking for cans, Gary Shaw is just doing everything he can to milk Kimbo for all he's worth.

I like Kimbo. He's not a very good fighter, but he seems like a pretty straight up and respectful person.
9/3/08 11:32:02PM
Pretty funny, but probably not the right forum, sorry to be a party pooper
9/4/08 12:07:39AM
looks like nba street meets prize fighter =bad game
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