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10/3/09 11:53:55PM
did anyone catch this? they made a boo boo on their episode...

Did TUF screw up?

28 seconds in...listen and watch closely.
10/4/09 1:17:13AM
Wow, And they showed that before the fight...
10/4/09 2:24:41AM

Posted by MiniMan

Wow, And they showed that before the fight...

I think they attempted to make it seem as though they were referencing the upcoming Kimbo/Roy know how they like to use foreshadowing on the show.
10/4/09 2:48:55AM
LOL that's funny he's going to lose again unless he gets a lucky hard punch
10/4/09 8:03:57PM
I noticed that during the show but was so amped on the Kimbo vs Nelson fight that I shruged it off. Kimbo could be in trouble.
10/6/09 12:03:24PM
I thought he might have been talking about when he fought Arlovski and the fight was stood up from side mount, but maybe not.
10/12/09 10:57:17PM
I dont hear anything
10/12/09 11:28:13PM

Posted by higdon10

I dont hear anything

nelson is talking about his fight with kimbo BEFORE the fight actually happened.

editing error i think.but who knows
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