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9/25/08 5:49:57PM
I thaught Kimbo presented himself real well. I will be honest 6 months ago i thaught he was bad for the sport. Now i find myself really liking the guy, and rooting for him. He is a good guy.
9/25/08 5:54:45PM
Every interview with him that i've seen the guy shows nothing but respect for MMA and everything else (inside MMA, when Chuck called him out, PTI, etc...)...

Its the image that he emits thats bad for the sport (Thug, street fighter, etc...) Same goes for Brock, every interview that doesnt involve hyping up a fight, the guy seems like a good person, respectful etc... (all access, etc..) but its the image that they emit that some people base their judgment off.
9/25/08 6:37:20PM
a link of that please
9/25/08 7:41:49PM
I caught the second half of it because i saw him while flipping through channels. I have to agree that i generally like him in interviews. He seems like a humble guy who is just trying to do his job and support his family. I just hate the hype he gets. But i guess i cant hold the hype against him personally. Hes just trying to do the best he can with the oppurtunities hes been given and some exec at EliteXC is trying to portray him as something else.
9/25/08 7:44:42PM
I think he's trying to play down the side that EliteXC is trying to play up.

More power to him for doing something more constructive with his life, especially something as difficult and humbling as MMA. I can even give him props for the fast road he's taken for a guy with no formal combat sports experience although, once again, EliteXC pushing him as an unstoppable force vs. a guy just beginning his fight career makes it tempting to root against him.
9/25/08 9:55:12PM
Here is the Video for those who missed it--> LINK
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