Why Did Kimbo Choose MMA Over Boxing?

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7/7/08 10:42:09AM

Posted by Ben_Hutch

He chose MMA because he can be shit, and stil get a ridiculous amount of money, unlike boxing.

Right. He'd never come close to getting a high-profile boxing match.
8/5/08 11:23:53PM
I think one thing which was lost in your argument Elias with regard to massive revenue are endorsement deals. The NBA and UEFA have astonishing endorsement deals which MMA has yet to land. My roommate and I were discussing this the other day. When you look an everyday product, let's just say the Mach 3, for example, who makes a better option for a spokesperson, the nice wholesome trio of Thierry Henry, Roger Fedorer and Tiger Woods or the awesome combo of Fedor Emelianenko, Spider Silva and GSP? Actually, I arbitrarily put those three names up there, but wouldn't that commercial be funny as all hell with their accents? HAHA, I am laughing right now picturing it. Anyhow, I digress, looking at products which want to sponsor major sporting events, many companies shy away from MMA due to its perceived brutality. This helps with profits and expansion. Jesus, man, have you ever seen a soccer jersey? As much as I love soccer, WAR Man U, I can't help but be reminded of Major League 2, when Corbin Bernsen buys the team and revenue starts dropping so he litters the stadium with endorsements. It all factors in to what an organization makes. I'm not on any one side here, just tossing out a nugget of knowledge. Don't mean to but hey just something I thought of.
8/6/08 12:24:33AM
Everything is product placement. BUt the truth is more people will always love soccer more than MMA because more people play. That's the essence of it really. If kids grew up in the boxing gym or mma gym they'd be true life long fans like many people here. How many here watched their first UFC's, K-1's and Pride fights on videos in dojo's? I know I did. I was at a smoker on Saturday watching guys fight and I had to listen to a kid next to me yell, "Hey ain't got nothing man, don't worry! Hey aint got nothing!" and dude had NO IDEA what he was talking about while his friend got swept and mounted. Most people don't know ANYTHING about MMA other than someone getting smacked in the face. That's different than say basketball, football, or soccer which so many of us grow up playing. Your average American has played basketball, baseball, or football and has a pretty good working knowledge of the game even if they can't break down a 2-3 zone, think of the best hit or pitch for a particular sequence or fully understand a cover 2 but they mostly GET it. MMA is different. I swear most people don't "get it" but they find it entertaining.

And it is brutal. Doing it, watching it up close and personal, it's brutal. Boxing and muy thai in my opinion are MORE brutal becaues of the amount of punishment you take over the course of a fight.
8/6/08 12:35:39AM
I concede that more people participate in those sports but I still think it's all about revenue.
8/6/08 9:34:18AM
any and all Kimbo threads.....

get over it o ye starstruck people. This is not the TMZ forum.
8/6/08 2:51:06PM
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