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POLL: Who wins and how?
Kimbo Decision 0% (0)
Carwin Decision 0% (0)
Kimbo KO 12% (4)
Carwin KO 85% (29)
Kimbo Submission (HA!) 0% (0)
Carwin Submission 3% (1)
7/20/08 10:53:11PM
Idk if this was already made but just to have a little escape from the events we saw this week, who out of these non top 10 heavyweights, do you think would win.
I think Carwin is a rising star and wouldnt get KO'd, his ground skills are better as well. Carwin all the way
7/20/08 10:55:59PM
Kimbo would get destroyed if he fought Carwin.
7/20/08 10:57:51PM
I picked Carwin KO if it was in the UFC but if it was in Elite XC, Kimbo by decision as Carwin could punch Kimbo's motionless body on the ground for 3 rounds but the judges would see Kimbo winning
7/20/08 11:06:38PM
Carwin no doubt, JT could have passed kimbo's guard easily had he known anything about ground fighting, now a wrestler the caliber of Carwin would absolutely destroy him. Even standing Carwin has got good boxing, with alott of power, wouldnt be surprised to see Carwin outstrike Kimbo tbh.
7/20/08 11:08:00PM
kimbo would **** him up
7/20/08 11:08:37PM
Kimbo will pretty much get destroyed by anyone other than a cupcake.
7/20/08 11:09:28PM
My God this would be murder. Carwin via takedown and merciless GnP.

Although I do like what someone said about beating on the lifeless body for 3 rds and the judges seeing a Kimbo win
7/20/08 11:36:13PM
Carwin is more advanced than Kimbo in most all area's of MMA. Carwin by TKO in the first round.
7/21/08 12:42:16AM
kimbo wouldnt stand a chance against carwin or any other top notch heavyweights only scrubs
7/21/08 12:49:12AM
Carwin by prison style ownage, and I dont even hate Kimbo but judging by how bad he did against JT, a better competitor in Carwin would make easy work with GnP, hell even standing.

Carwin 1st Round KO
7/21/08 12:50:04PM

Posted by backalley101

kimbo would **** him up

7/21/08 12:53:38PM
Carwin would take him down and pound him out in 30 seconds. Wouldnt even be close. He could probably even stay standing and knock kimbo out if he wanted be he'd do better to just use his wrestling and take kimbo down.
7/21/08 3:36:01PM
carwin would tool him, he has more punching power and superior wrestling. these two aren't even on the same level if you ask me.
7/22/08 9:37:18PM
Carwin would most likely get the win but god knows how that fight would go
7/22/08 10:36:15PM
kimbo would receive a pretty damn brutal beatdown
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