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2/18/08 5:39:26PM
I think this would make for a good fight since they are both in the HW division, and both looked fairly decent their last fights.

I think this would be the perfect step up to see if kimbo is the real deal, and they are both strikers so it should make for a exciting fight.

What do you guys think about this match up?
2/18/08 6:03:23PM
This is exactly what i thaught after the fights were over on Saturday. Rogers looks pretty good, although JT chin is appearing to be made of glass. Kimbo looks real good and i believe would KO rogers sometime late in the 1st round. Although a fight with Ken Shamrock would be much more of a test IMO. However i believe a fight with Rogers should be first.
2/19/08 8:38:03AM
Yeah i think they should make that fight, good call, that would be come black on black crime as Rampage would say

Shamrock should fight Tank and after they have both won its Kimbo VS Tank - i cant wait for all the pre-fight talk from Ken something about being an ambassador for the sport etc
2/26/08 12:24:53PM
haha it would be quite comical....when he was bashing ortiz was one of the funniest things ive ever seen
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