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5/31/08 3:03:08AM
I was reading a survey on mmajunkie and it said will kimbo be a top ten heavyweight if he beats james thompson? I thought that was the stupidiest question I have ever seen on there, come on he beat cantrell who basically took a dive, he then beat a old fat guy and now u will probably beat a guy that can be knocked out with a jab, kimbo needs to fight some top level competition like antonio silva , I give kimbo at least a year before hes even mentioned in the top ten

what do you think??
5/31/08 4:13:24AM
He isn't asking for you to put him in the top ten so stop acting like he is... the guy is just trying to fight for a living. He ain't top ten and he won't be unless he gets 5-6 more wins against better competition... if he gets by JT and beats Roy Nelson then perhaps i will entertain such an idea that Kimbo is top ten... hes not even close and no one should act like he is trying to say that he is. People need to lay off Kimbo for god's sake, he ain't asking for this crap..
5/31/08 5:23:38AM
can we just let kimbo do his thing and let the universe unfold as it should
5/31/08 8:31:08AM
I still don't think he is top 10 worthy if he KO's Thompson in the first round and then he goes and KO's Nelson in the first round.

He needs to fight someone good who is not going to just stand in front of him and trade punches.
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