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6/8/12 12:16:58PM

Posted by prozacnation1978

At least she admitted to it. Most refs wouldn't

Just what I was going to say.

There now exists a "possibility" of it being changed to a No Contest, where she could've just lied about it and it would already be a done deal any appeal would've been shot down by interns before it made it to someone who had their own desk. Good for her to admit it, if in case the source is reliable that she did.
6/8/12 3:21:55PM
What did she admit? I don't think she admitted it was a mistake or anything.

More like she was afraid for the fighter or whatever she said there.

I saw on twitter, Albert was going to file an appeal. I doubt it gets changed, though.

I wonder if the specific referee for the fight tells fighters or is suppose to tell fighters about all that stuff like stopping if there is yelling in a submission

Or if it's just any referee.

6/8/12 3:59:45PM
They're called technical submissions I believe, when either your a limb is broken, or is on the verge of breaking.

Like someone stated previously...reminds me of Sonnen vs Filho, when Sonnen yelped while in a tight armbar and the fight was stopped. If it was a really loud grunt it could have been interpreted that he was in serious pain.

Haven't reviewed it or anything, but I thought at the time that it seemed really tight.
6/10/12 3:48:43PM
where was Rogan to question her in the post fight interview?
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