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11/24/08 1:15:34PM
Victory was a long time coming for Kim Couture, and all the more sweet when it arrived at Strikeforce “Destruction.”

In her second professional fight, Couture steamrolled opponent Lina Kvokov, chasing her around the cage with punches and knees. Kvokov seemed to want out from the beginning.

For Couture, who’d sustained a broken jaw in the first strike of her pro career five months ago, Kvokov’s actions didn’t compute.

“I wanted her to come after me,” Couture told reporters after the fight. “It was part of my game plan, so it threw me off a little bit.”

11/24/08 5:22:24PM
I dont think the other woman knew what she signed up for. I kinda felt bad for her and hoped she'd tap just to get it over with lol
11/24/08 7:26:34PM
I must say, that fight was the worst display of "professional" MMA that I've seen. It was very hard to watch. I don't say this often, but Striekforce should be ashamed of themselves. That fight offered absolutely nothing to an otherwise decent night of fights.
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