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4/10/09 9:02:24AM
Strikeforce has booked the second women's fight in the promotion's history for the 5/15 ShoMMA Challenger Series event on Showtime. The fight will feature Kim Couture vs. Meisha Tate and, in a break from standard CSAC guidelines for women's fights, it will be 3 5-minute rounds instead of 3-minute rounds.

4/10/09 9:28:20AM
pretty good match-up.

Kim has a lot of heart and keeps going, but i think Tates got the better i dont know how it will end up...

i will say Tate by tko in the 2nd
4/10/09 9:31:58AM
Obviously I'm most happy about them getting 5-minute rounds.
4/10/09 10:20:42AM
i seriously thought that said "Kim Couture to a face taint"

my lysdexia is really working overtime this morning.
4/10/09 4:06:22PM
i hope its a bra and panties match
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