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9/6/08 4:46:54PM
why isn't pellegrino/tavares on the main card now that the parysian fight was scrapped?? this makes me crazy. the only reason that i could possibly believe this would happen is because brown was on TUF. the ufc recently has been making me sick. (this and also brock lesnar getting a f'n title shot)
9/6/08 4:55:47PM
Dong is supposed to be the real deal

I'm looking forward to seeing him in action
9/6/08 5:27:45PM
yeh looking forward to this fight should be a war! i know the brock lesnar thing is a bit strange but then i try and think of a heavyweight who deserves a title shot and all i can think of is werdum but lets face it he doesnt draw like lesnar!
9/6/08 5:31:13PM
I think another reason is that Brown & Kim are coming off of wins.

Batman and Tavares aren't, so that's why I figured their fight isn't main card.
9/6/08 5:52:16PM
more exposure for kim
9/6/08 5:56:44PM
Stand up war vs BJJ war.....what do you think Dana is going to pick?

More likely we get a TKO or KO with Brown/Kim though I agree the Kurt fight will more then likely turn out to be fight or sub of the night.
9/6/08 6:10:51PM
yeah i was pulling for pellegrino vs tavares to the main card, but im not ordering it anyway. Might go watch it somewhere maybe.
9/6/08 9:04:44PM
Brown's a TUF guy 'nuf said
9/8/08 4:59:54AM
I was chuffed with Kim/Brown being put on the main card.
I've been following Kim Dong Hyun's progress, and think he deserved to be given the exposure after his stellar performance against Tan (granted Tan is scrub).

In all fairness, Kim didn't do too well at the end of the day, he's way better than that, and although Brown's a tough guy, he should have finished him.

Joe Rogan's a chump playing up to the crowd at the end. Lost all of the little respect I had for him really. What was so controversial about that decision?
It shouldn't even have been a split. Anyone who gave Brown round 3, needs their head examined.

Kim needs to go back and work on his game way more.
Win's a win though I guess, and every fight's a learning experience.

Also, Kim needs to get a decent translator.
I hate it when non-english speaking fighters have bin translators and they just decide whatever they want to say, cos that's the only words they know.
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