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11/21/08 7:20:22PM
ok for our medical experts.. What the deal with these.. They suck they are painful and come one with out warning and are messing with my training? How do you help prevent one.. how do you get rid of one... ??? I mean I know you piss it out.. but how can you make it go faster. ?
11/21/08 7:22:23PM
How serious of kidney stones are we talking here? If you're talking serious kidney stones then I hope you're posting this from a hospital bed somewhere....
11/21/08 7:33:06PM
I been to the hospital they sent me home with pain meds and said it is small enough to pass.. but its no where near pain free..
11/21/08 8:18:25PM
Ahh, okay.

Well I'm not a doctor, but I know some people are more prone to kidney stones than others. You need to ensure proper hydration, proper diet, and if you're taking any supplements like Creatine you may want to analyze the effects some of those can bring on. Especially people who combine creatine with cutting weight.

There are some pills and drinks doctors can prescribe to try to help break up kidney stones, but I'm not sure if they're available over the counter.

Edit: and I'm sorry to hear you've got them. If they're anything like I've heard they're not the kind of pain I would wish on anyone
11/21/08 8:29:47PM
oh yea the pain is bad.. its a cross of getting kicked in the sack and stabbed in the gut at the same time.. though it is not always constant,. when it is on the move is when it is worst. I was told to drink lots of fluids and avoid soda. It just came on out of no where which is what sucked..
11/21/08 9:42:33PM
I saw an article a couple of weeks ago and it was saying how more and more kids today are having kidney stones because they are having too much salt. Also I had a friend last year that had him and he got his from drinking too much soda at his work.
11/21/08 10:13:27PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

I saw an article a couple of weeks ago and it was saying how more and more kids today are having kidney stones because they are having too much salt. Also I had a friend last year that had him and he got his from drinking too much soda at his work.

Good point. Sodas/Pops/Cokes/Whatever are horrible for you.

Over the past 2 years I've maybe had a total of about 20 sodas. I don't miss having them regularly one bit. I think they are one of the worst things people put into their bodies on a daily basis.
11/23/08 2:30:00PM
OK These stones suck ass.. I mean really.. the pain comes and goes in waves.. you o from feeling normal to wanting to scream.. to it being just an annoying dull ache.. does anyone know a way to help prevent these for the future.. where is our medical guru.. whats the breakdown on Kidney stones.. any advice that might help some of the younger guys avoid these and us older guys prevent more would be welcome..
11/23/08 5:54:41PM
My buddies Dad passed one years ago.I remember i spent the night at his house that night and a guy his dad works with had to drive him home.I've never heard a man scream and cry soo much..He laid in the bathtub for hours waiting to pass it.Nothing fun about shooting a small stone out of your weener.

My mom also passed one..They told her to not drink as much soda as she did.So layoff the Pepsi i
11/24/08 1:26:18PM
Well I have had 7 of them and they all sucked. I can tell many things cause them so make sure you get your stone once you pass it so they can test it to see what caused them. Here a list of things that are the most common causes that I have learned.

any thing that has a high acid count. (Soda, Fruit drinks)

The best thing you can do is just drink lots of water.

To help pass one best thing you can do is take a muscle relaxer and rub icy hot at your waste line in between your legs and your crotch area. So basically your making a triangle (be careful not to get the icy hot on your junk). This helps loosen up so makes it easier to pass. Also drink lots and lots of water. If you haven't you will need to see the Doc to get some antibiotics so you don't get a infection because the stone tears things as its passing and trust me you don't want a infection after passing one.

I hope this helps,

11/24/08 6:45:56PM
Also, mushrooms are a big one as well. My father loves mushrooms and when he passed one, they discovered it was from mushrooms. He needed surgery to remove some of them as they were too large. Being a big fan of tea, soda and mushrooms, I'm fearing for my future here.
11/25/08 10:34:44AM
ok how the heck do you collect the kidney stone? no one mentioned this to me and I am hopefully going to be near passing it soon..
11/25/08 11:31:15AM

Posted by The-Don

ok how the heck do you collect the kidney stone? no one mentioned this to me and I am hopefully going to be near passing it soon..

Can go to your local medical store and get some filters or can get a cheap fine strainer at any store.
11/25/08 11:58:37AM

Do you want to put it on your matle or something?
11/25/08 12:59:38PM
no clue.. I have heard from several people that it is a good idea to collect it to give to your doctor.. this is my first kidney stone so I got no clue.. I am supposedly meeting with my regular doctor on saturday.. so I hope to find out more then if I have not already passed it.
12/3/08 3:27:30PM
you cant piss out kidney stones you have to get it surgically removed my brutha
12/3/08 4:32:41PM
You can piss out small kidney stones.
12/6/08 4:22:35PM
yea you can piss them out I know many who have.. plus that's exactly what my doctor told me to do.. You may be thinking Gall stones... now those you can't.

Now my question is should I be worried I have experienced no pain in like 2-3 days now.. but I do not think I passed it out yet.. everyone I have talked to said I would know when I did that there would be no mistaking that moment.. but I have felt fine for the last 3 days..
6/16/09 1:23:00AM
I know this is an old post, but I've passed two stones. First one when I was 18, and I didn't know what it was at the time. I didn't have insurance, so no trip to the hospital. I didn't think I would see the sun that morning.

There are different types of kidney stones, and the best thing to do if you pass it on your own, is collect it, and bring it to your doctor (kinda like a cat bringing back a torn up bird for his master, haha). But that, and a blood test, can help the doctor figure out why you got it.

Myself, I found out I have a higher than average level of uric acid in my body. So I learned what to stay away from and what vitimans are good to help control it. The second time I had one, I learned a bit more about stones (like stress can help cause them). I cut out caffiene for the most part from then on, because that acted as a stress depressant. I thought it was a joke when I was told I have an addiction... until I tried to cut out 100% caffiene for 2 weeks. Real eye opener.

Luckily, both my stones (which I've named Bertha and Sandra) passed after a couple hours so I didn't need to have them removed. I've never felt anything close to the pain that kidney stones give, so I do everything I can to avoid them (been 9 years since I've had one).
6/18/09 12:11:12PM
My father has been in the navy for 18 years and is one tough dude. He passed a stone once and when he left the bathroom his face was flooded with tears and this metal bar in our shower was bent in half.

Not something i ever want to experience.