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2/6/08 8:02:42AM
After an investigation resulting from Rani Yahya's protest of his loss to Norifumi "Kid' Yamamoto on December 31, FEG, parent company of K-1 HERO'S, has announced that the result stands and Yamamoto keeps his win. Yahya contended that the stoppage was produced by illegal blows (soccer kicks), and should be grounds for a No Contest, or a disqualification.

2/6/08 11:39:50AM
That's what happens when you're FEG's only remaining cash cow, now that Masato's slowing down.

Rani has a right to be pissed. Soccer kicks to the dome don't feel good, especially when they're illegal.
2/7/08 7:59:50AM
If this happened in UFC, someone would be gettin the boot