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4/19/12 6:49:20PM
Norifumi "Kid" Yamamoto may be on a losing streak in the UFC, but he made one new fan in Tokyo this week when he lept onto a subway track to pull an injured man out of the path of oncoming trains. Yahoo! Japan was the first to report on the incident.

Ariel Helwani at MMA Fighting summarized the story:

The bantamweight fighter noticed that an older man was unconscious and bleeding from his head on the Gotanda Station track. While he was the first to jump onto the track to help him, the man was too heavy to lift on his own, so other bystanders assisted Yamamoto in getting him off the track. Yamamoto and others were successful in rescuing the man before the next train arrived at the station.

4/19/12 6:59:46PM
Awesome! We all love a story like this! Way to go Kid!
4/19/12 7:35:48PM
That's awesome. Kid has successfully made me a fan of him in and outside the cage.
4/19/12 7:47:28PM
Well done, Kid.
4/19/12 7:57:41PM
I'd like to think anyone would do the same, but the sad reality is, this is the exception. Kid is a good human being.
4/19/12 11:40:04PM
good guy
4/20/12 12:12:56AM
Nice work Kid
4/20/12 1:03:56AM
Kid one of my favorite fighter if all time. It tears me apart to see him on this losing streak. But made me luv the guy a whole lot more.

Luv you Kid.
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