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4/23/09 11:21:27PM
Did anyone else see Kid sitting with Dana on the last episode of TUF? I wonder if he's going to go to WEC after the Dream tourney.
4/24/09 4:11:00AM
4/24/09 4:17:02AM
for a split second i did.

Good things to come hopefully.

Miguel Torres v. Yamamoto in 09!
4/24/09 9:24:49AM
Yeah I posted this in the spoilers forum on the TUF thread. I was kind of excited. But you have to think, this was taped months seems to be a failed courting attempt seeing as how Kid is fighting for DREAM still.
4/24/09 10:37:29AM
Ahhhh...that's who that was! It was so brief, I wondered who it was but didn't think to ask!

Kid showed up in one of Dana's VBlog's recently and they joked about being ready to join the WEC. There were a couple of threads about it, I imagine something is in the works. He seemed real interested. Of course everyone appears to be an ass-kissing schmuck when Dana comes around in those VBlogs.
4/24/09 12:20:51PM
I saw that, but none of my friends knew who he was and sometimes its kind of useless trying to explain the who's-who of MMA to people who only watch UFC.

Effin' noobs.
4/24/09 1:30:37PM
The WEC's pay scale would have to take a huge jump to get Kid, he's one of the top draws in Japan.
4/24/09 3:38:58PM
As of right now, I will definatly not order these planned WEC PPV's. If they signed Kid, I might actually think about it.
4/24/09 3:56:52PM
Yea he was there when the UFC went to England for the Henderson/ Franklin fight. Him and Uno were hanging out and I remember Dana having like phtot shoot with Kid in the octagon which was the training center for the UK guys for TUF.

Its exciting because Uno signed afterwards so thats a good sign and I'd love to see it but its not gonna be cheap.
4/24/09 9:40:45PM
can anyone find a picture of this?
4/26/09 10:45:13PM
how good would it be if they made USA vs Japan TUF next year
4/26/09 11:40:02PM

Posted by mentalcase

how good would it be if they made USA vs Japan TUF next year

it could be at 155 and kid would probably still win it.
4/28/09 9:09:05PM
I also saw mask. It was weird..
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