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12/12/11 9:14:45PM
Alright so I have been training Kickboxing for 3 months now and love it my trainer is going to let me start sparring after christmas and I am looking for a good comfortabe mouthguard any suggestions? I bought a cheap everlast double mouthguard from walmart not very comfortable and makes me gag sometimes. I have a very easy gag relex so I am trying to get used to it before I start sparring I dont want to be out there gagging lol Any suggestions will be awesome thanks.
12/12/11 9:32:45PM
Custom ones are expensive, but a boil-and-bite would probably be more comfortable for ya.
12/13/11 12:11:14AM
The best mouthguard I ever used is Shock Doctor Gel DNA Nano. You buy them at any Sports Authority store. I highly recommend that you listen to the person above me and boil the mouth guard for 30 secs and put in cool water for 10 secs then put in mouth and bite down hard so that it fits your mouth perfectly.

I had use the double-mouth guard before and I had gag a couple of times with it but once I switched mouthguard to Shock Doctor Gel, I had never once gag with it.

Btw the Strap on the mouthguard comes easily off.
12/13/11 12:17:04AM
ask your dentist. a lot of the time they can get you a really good quality molded mouth piece for much cheaper than something custom you would buy.
12/13/11 6:40:34AM

Best purchase I have made since I started training. It was a bit spendy, but it was worth every penny. They have a bunch of different options, and you definitely don't have to spend what I did. Pretty sure you can get one for about $100. I bought the pro model, and I paid to have a custom graphic on it, so it was more, but I'm pretty sure around $100 and you'll be set.

Scott Patterson is super easy to deal with, very prompt in responding to questions, and the finished product looks awesome, and fits great. Couldn't be more comfortable. I can have a conversation with my guard in. Check them out. I definitely would recommend them over the $20 boil and bite option. Spend the money. You won't be sorry.
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