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POLL: Kharitonov or Roger
Kharitonov 73% (16)
Roger 27% (6)
7/15/08 12:34:31AM
This should be interesting. Roger Gracie has top of the line heavyweight ability but just has not been tested yet. Sergei Kharitonov is not a top 10 heavy these days, but he is still top 20. Pretty well rounded with heavy hands.
7/15/08 12:50:19AM
i am extremely intrigued by this match up. Sergei is going to be the toughest test of Roger's young MMA career and we will get to see how he does against someone with legitimate stand up skills. i think Roger gets this to the ground and takes the fight to his world. he will then fins a submission sooner or later.

i am glad that he is going to be tested this earlier on...hopefully he won't diappoint
7/15/08 12:58:31AM
im taking Sergei by 1st round TKO

War Sergei!!
7/15/08 1:24:45AM
Kharitonov beat Nog.

Nuff said.
7/15/08 1:39:43AM
i'll take kharitonov by TKO if roger doesn't get maintain side control on sergei.
7/15/08 3:18:10AM
ive got a lot of faith in roger to become a top flight hw. this will show if he is there yet or not...
7/15/08 3:33:35AM
Roger's the Best Jui Jitsu Practitioner in MMA period and his Jui Jitsu translates into MMA well but I do think he loses this Fight. Sergei's Stand Up and Ground and Pound will be too much, if Roger tries to pull guard his afec will end up like hamburger meat. Look at what Sergei did to Semmy on the Ground. That GnP was Devastating.
7/15/08 9:46:42AM
I made this post with the idea of seing how highly reagarded is Roger Gracie. Wow. This guy is very highly regarded.
7/15/08 10:38:53AM

Posted by MoJoy

I made this post with the idea of seing how highly reagarded is Roger Gracie. Wow. This guy is very highly regarded.

Yeah, I think people might be voting with their hearts more than their heads. Fair enough, I guess: More money for me!
7/15/08 11:02:13AM
roger gracie quite possibly has the best bjj on the planet. he is that good at jiu jitsu. i think he will also be one of the top guys in mma and ill be glad to see the gracie name at the top of the rankings again. kharitonov is exactly the type of a guy that could give a great bjj guy trouble as roger is likely to take some serious abuse on the way to getting the fight to the ground. if it does hit the ground though it should be game over...this guy is so much better than almost anyone else you can think of with top notch jiu jitsu in mma. both nogs, mir, aoki, and even jacare is not in his league imo. he won the absolutes at adcc and submitted every single opponent...that is tough as it is not nearly as easy to submit guys in straight grappling when you cant use punches to open things up...i hope he gets it to the ground without getting caught but this will be a stern test...
7/15/08 11:22:37AM

Posted by jomatty

roger gracie quite possibly has the best bjj on the planet. he is that good at jiu jitsu.

I agree, but we already know that being exceptional at one discipline doesn't translate to success against a good MMA fighter.

Kharitonov is one of the most well-rounded heavyweights in the world, with 7 wins by (T)KO and 7 by submission (and he's a finisher, with only 1 win by Decision). Of his three losses, he's been TKO'd twice and lost a Decision to Big Nog; he's never been submitted. Nogueira and Werdum gave him trouble, but they're both more accomplished MMA fighters than Gracie is. And Kharitonov doesn't just grapple boxers and box grapplers. He's beaten Semmy Schilt, Pedro Rizzo, and Alistair Overeem to pulp, and caught Mike Russow in an arm-bar.

Gracie looked awesome against Waterman, but Kondo is at best a Light-Heavyweight, and not a top fighter at any weight. Kharitonov is arguably a Top-10 Heavyweight, who admittedly hasn't fought in almost a year. If Gracie wins this fight, it will be a massive upset.
7/15/08 11:37:47AM
Kharitonov's sambo is going to keep this fight standing and let Sergei get the TKO.
7/15/08 1:19:45PM
I think Sergei has the perfect style to neutralize Roger. A big guy with grappling experience and knockout power, he'll be the most well-rounded opponent Roger has had so far.
7/15/08 7:23:35PM
Roger Gracie is in over his head here... Kharitonov will utilize his sambo and knockout Gracie.
7/15/08 11:21:24PM
These guys are not really fighting as of this time. Just wanted to make a fantasy post.
7/16/08 7:57:22PM
Kharitonov's standup and G&P would be too much for Roger to deal with.
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