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11/14/13 12:50:09PM
such wow.

Title says it all

Khabib as a kid wrestling bear in Russia
11/14/13 1:07:56PM
hahaa...those crazy Dagestanis !!

That actually looks like a lot of fun, provided little bear doesn't get a little mad and bring out those CLAWS!
11/14/13 5:26:32PM
I just became a bigger fan of khabib's. and here i was at age 9 wrestling regular old human children. my parents did me wrong
11/18/13 9:33:48AM
The bear has no guard game though. I'm not sure how much stock I can put into this win.
11/18/13 10:11:53AM
lmao... wow. I've seen it all now.

That bear's got a pretty nice double leg. GSP would be impressed with his performance.
11/18/13 6:40:39PM
Child Protective Services would have a field day with this video. Americans are so sissified.

Khabib FTW
11/18/13 7:03:16PM
Which one was Kabib? The smaller kid was getting schooled by diddy bear.
11/19/13 12:39:29AM
That was pretty much the most badass thing I have ever seen ever