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4/12/09 1:30:52PM

SAN JOSE, Calif. - While light-heavyweight free agent Tito Ortiz garnered the most attention outside the cage at Saturday night's "Strikeforce: Shamrock vs. Diaz," it was another UFC veteran that left the event a Strikeforce employee.

Twelve-plus-year-veteran Kevin Randleman (17-12) was announced as the latest signing for Strikeforce at the post-event press conference at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, Calif.

"Thank you very much for the opportunity to come back and show everybody that I'm not done yet," Randleman said. "Far from it."

Specifics of the contract were not announced, but Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker said he hopes to have Randleman fight right away.

"We have an announcement soon, so you'll have to wait until next week," Coker said. "But we're going to try and put him in the rotation right away. There's going to be some great fights in the future for Kevin, and we're excited."
4/12/09 1:31:43PM
Hopefully he looks better than Coleman did.
4/12/09 1:44:41PM
Im kinda excited to see him fight.
4/12/09 1:49:01PM
I feel a little bad for the guy, he has fought everyone he's needed to for him to be a legend in this sport.

Randy Couture, Chuck Liddell, Bas Rutten, Cro Cop, Fedor, Shogun, Rampage, SAkuraba, Sobral, Rizzo.

But he's lost most of those fights, so he isn't recognized as a legend. But, he certainly had the chance.
4/12/09 2:38:54PM
Randleman vs. Tito winner to get Sobral
4/12/09 4:21:58PM
I cant wait to see the Monster fight again. I hope he gets a good match up and gets a W
4/12/09 5:50:44PM

Posted by bustin_mma

I cant wait to see the Monster fight again. I hope he gets a good match up and gets a W

4/12/09 5:53:48PM
very great to hear. I'm a huge Randleman fan and its great to see him healed up after that nasty case of staph. Doesn't matter who he's matched up against I'm still gonna be watching so I think this is a great signing for Strikeforce!!
4/12/09 8:36:18PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

Im kinda excited to see him fight.

Indeed, I hope he does something in Strikeforce too.
4/13/09 2:20:53AM
I have a feeling Randleman and lasley might bump heads down the road
4/13/09 10:06:57AM
Randlemen is always fun to watch. Sick wrestler and a hard striker. He always has a "chance" to win and is tough for whoever he goes against. Plus, he can get KO'd so even if you are a huge fan of his, you are still nervous. ;)
4/13/09 3:30:07PM
hes been training with drysdale so maybe he's evolved more than just a wrestler. he said at the press conference that he has evolved, and he knew that the game was going to pass him up if he just stayed at hammer house
4/13/09 3:37:18PM
Can't wait! This dude's a beast and is training at a proper camp now and can really do some damage but it's all up to him. Can't wait! WAR MONSTER!!!!
4/13/09 9:09:47PM
What weight class is he going to fight at?There's been rumors that he wants to drop to 185.Where would Strikeforce need him the most?205 or HW?

I never thought Kevin looked very good at 205.He always did his best as a small heavyweight.The images of him crushing Cro Cop's face and sending Fedor airborne are things I'll never forget.

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