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POLL: Who would win between Kevin Randleman & Rameua Soko?
Soko by Decision 5% (1)
Soko by Submission 11% (2)
Soko by TKO/KO 53% (10)
Randleman by Decision 11% (2)
Randleman by TKO/KO 21% (4)
Randleman by Submission 0% (0)
9/27/07 2:18:29AM
These two are the 2 most explosive light heavyweight in MMA!!! They both jump and run right at you. Both have allegedly been accused of taking steroids even though they got proof on Randleman.

BOTH HAVE HEAVY HANDS. If you don't believe Randleman has heavy hands, ask Mirko Cro Cop...Both these men would jump out and brawl with each other but Soko would win the stand up but once Randleman gets rocked and if he don't go down he shoots in and wins the ground game via GNP. Randlemans pure amaetur wrestling is probably the best in MMA arguably and Soko's judo is freakin spectacular too...

This would be an EXCELLENT fight IMO because I am a big fan of both...Pretend they are are using UFC rules because if it was Pride rules they both would gas quick and if one don't go down they will throw hay makers unless Kevin Take shim down but he would be to tired to do anything so UFC would be more exciting in a 3 5 minute fight...

I have Kevin Randleman Unanimous Decision Who do you got?
9/27/07 6:00:36AM
sok imo. kevin can beat anyone in the world if he brings his a game but it is just too unlikely that his a game shows up. not only that but with soks judo he is going to be difficult to take down even for someone like randleman and even if he gets him down sok may submit him. i dont know much about soks submission game but coming from a judo background he should be solid on the ground.

we wont be seeing this one for awhile as it sounds like randlemans just doing one stupid thing after another and is going to have a hard time finding anywhere that will let him fight for awhile.
9/27/07 11:41:48AM
soko would win this fight, and id love to see him beat kevin
9/27/07 11:50:48AM
Maybe Randleman might win and later fail a drug test for Alcohol in his blood................. Just kidding........ I think Soko wins the match
9/28/07 8:07:08PM
Seeing as how Randleman is in no shape to ever fight again and was 1/2 dead against shogun, lying to nsac to fight..... etcetc. Not only will he prob'ly never (hopefully) fight again but he was far past his prime anyway. You all are talking like he is still a contender?
9/28/07 9:22:20PM
First of all, Kevin has been through hell recently and should not be allowed to fight anymore, he just ins't healthy anymore. If the two where to fight today I'd give the edge to Soko, but then again you never now when Kevin is on his game. If Kevin Randleman shows up to a fight ready, there are very few people who can stop him.