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3/7/09 12:57:44PM
3/8/09 11:24:31AM
Some of what their saying is okay, but Samoa Joe has got some of his idea's totaly screwed up.
Calling Pro-Wrestling and and MMA 2 different animals is in some respects true, but in others absolutley wrong.

All anyone has to do is looked across the pound.
In Japan, we saw just how Pro-Wrestling and MMA were very closley intertwined.
Pro Wreslting evolved into MMA styled fighting in Japan.
In America it already exsist at a seperate entity.

I think in the end the situation is worse for Pro-Wrestling.

Their's a lot of wrestling fans I know that know watch MMA, and Rampage Jackson and guys like Forrest Griffin are just as relevant to them as wrestlers like the Rock and Mandkind were back in 1998.
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