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6/29/08 4:53:39AM
Mixed martial arts, like any other sport, is fueled by its superstars.

Whether it’s Anderson Silva knocking out contenders or Georges St. Pierre wowing fans with his athleticism, they are the sport’s biggest currency.

But in small gyms around the world, there are others working, waiting for their chance at glory. Others like Kevin Burns.

6/29/08 12:20:03PM
This guy sounds like a good guy and a serious gym rat. Hopefully he does well in the UFC. Although his next opponent Anthony Johnson is no joke. That guy can knock you out with one punch. I hope we get to see this fight on the televised card. Should be a good fight.
6/29/08 12:36:09PM
He really needs to study the Clementi-Johnson fight. If he can avoid the KO in the first and get it to the ground in the second he has a good shot. I don't know anything about Burns' striking but I assume he wants this one on the ground.
6/29/08 10:19:36PM
Hahahahaha the next time I see demico (demi deeds) i will have to tell him he was mentioned in a nbcsports article

great article
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