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2/6/07 1:15:03AM
Does anyone on here use these? They build insane punching power and functional strength, and if used right, are an effective cardio workout as well. I've got a 50lber and love the thing.
2/7/07 8:19:35PM
I used to use them, then I started using something called 3d dumbell matrix which is practically the same workouts...with dumbells. They definitely help out your whole body including cardio. If you want a nice cardio workout to do, do duckwalks. Take two kettlebells, and do 25-50 lunges, then do as many pushups as possible(its a lot easier to do if you have a coach or trainer there to push you...). Then get up, and repeat as many times as you can.
2/7/07 8:52:20PM
I perfer the KB to the dumbell because it tends to increase the grip much more, which helps out my grappling as well.

The duckwalk sounds pretty cool, but I only have a single KB, so I'll have to save it until I get out west and can borrow a friends.
2/14/07 1:11:38PM
I've heard nothing but great things with kettle bell workouts. I've never seen them anywhere for sale though and my club doesnt have any. Can I order them online?
2/14/07 6:39:32PM
Yeah, you have to order them online. There are two good companies that have them.
Dragon Door and Power Systems

If you order one, make sure you check both sites, as the shipping charges are vastly different depeding on where you are in the US.

Also, be careful which size you get. If you go too big, you won't be able to use it. Most larger, first time kettlebellers start with a 36lb KB.
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