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1/11/08 5:24:09AM
Im 16 will kettlebells b good for training?
Any sugestions u have would be helpful 2
1/11/08 4:31:40PM
I have 2 35 lb kb's for a couple of yrs now. I use them to supplement my training, I do other workouts with the KB. Crossfitnewjersey has some great workouts.
You shouldn't go to heavy make sure you can do all the techniques with correct form. Youtube has some good vids.
Dick's sporting goods,target and play it again sports have them.
Check out Steve Javorek's workouts also.
The ONE and Only Drunkel
1/11/08 11:42:43PM
Dicks and Target have Kettlebells now?!?!?!

When I ordered mine 3 years ago, no sporting good stores I called had even heard of them.

Thats great, considering how much shipping costs on the bad boys.
1/12/08 9:53:23PM
yer ive been lookin for em but im in aus and no ones heard of em

i was lookin at sum on the net was jst woderin if its worth the $170 for a 16 kg and a pavel? instrutional vid
1/12/08 11:35:53PM
A cheaper alternative might be to buy the bar that you add plate weights to to make a kettlebell. I forget what they're called, but I'm pretty sure power-systems sells them. If you've already got the plate weights, its not much of an investment and the shipping wouldn't be as bad.
1/13/08 6:27:04AM
ahk ill look into that cheers 4 the help