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12/15/08 3:24:43PM
Former middleweight finalist from the first season of The Ultimate Fighter, Kenny Florian, stated on the most recent edition of’s “MMA Live” that he’d be open to the possibility of a rematch against the man who beat him in the final, Diego Sanchez.

“I don’t want to fight Diego Sanchez to get revenge,” Florian said while responding to an e-mail question from a viewer. “I want to fight him because he’s a great fighter coming down to 155. I try to forget about my wins (and) forget about my losses and just move forward. Diego Sanchez being the great fighter that he is coming down to 155 — it’s exciting to me. I get a chance to fight a great fighters and that’s why I’d like the fight.”

12/15/08 3:57:35PM
Would love to see this if Diego can prove himself at 155 (I think he can).
12/15/08 4:31:32PM
I know kenny wants to fight the best guys but I think if he wants to win. I think he should stay away from rematches with Sanchez and Sherk.

Kenny should just focus on that 155 title and bj penn.
12/15/08 5:59:59PM
I think that Diego can beat him. I really think that Sanchez is going to be extremely successful at 155.
12/15/08 7:24:40PM
Diego will dominate, however there are a few people that would be great opponents for him as well...(Nate Diaz, Roger Huerta, Josh Neer). Or even Diego VS. Penn for the title if Penn can hold on a lil longer.
12/15/08 8:37:06PM
i think Florian is at the top of his game, and would beat Sanchez......Sanchez does not seem to be the same fighter he once was.....
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