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12/6/07 12:02:56PM
Lightweight contender Kenny Florian, a true student of MMA, will make his official UFC broadcasting debut on Saturday at “The Ultimate Fighter: Team Hughes vs. Team Serra” live finale.

Spike TV officials recently told ( about Florian’s upcoming broadcasting duties.

Florian, who found his way into the UFC through “The Ultimate Fighter,” will join UFC broadcasters Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg in the booth for Saturday’s main event between Roger Huerta and Clay Guida.

12/6/07 1:14:03PM
Is there a question in anyones mind that after the fight he is going to do the post fight interview with the winner and challenge them at one of the upcoming PPVs?
12/6/07 2:13:10PM
I think this will be a disaster, I don't like Kenny, and his voice irratates everyone i know.
12/6/07 2:48:29PM
Anything that takes some air time away from Goldberg is just fine with me...
12/6/07 5:16:41PM
Florian is a terrible replacement...
12/6/07 6:04:14PM
Let's hope he's better on the mic than in the ring, doubt it tho.
12/6/07 6:26:34PM
Should have got BJ penn to do it.
12/7/07 1:58:07AM
i could think of hundreds of people they could of got to do this instead

i can't think of one reason why they would do this, unless it is basically a set up for a challenge to the winner of guida-huerta like someone suggested earliar
12/7/07 2:16:01AM
I would like to see kenny and Huerta/Guida. I would rather listen to Anderson Silva commentate then Ken-flo though.
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