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5/14/09 2:58:36PM
Check out Kenny Florian promoting the UFC's return to the East Coast at UFC 101

Florian talks about Penn, the evolution of the UFC, and more. Say what you will about Kenny Florian, but he makes for a great ambassador to the sport of MMA.
5/14/09 6:22:44PM
i never understood all of the florian hate, the guy is a great fighter and has always been a class act. so what if he has razor sharp elbows and talks a lot about finishing fights, the guy backs up his claims and improves with every fight.
5/14/09 6:22:55PM
kennys a good man but i dont think he will beat BJ, after BJ got his ass handed to him by GSP....
5/14/09 7:39:18PM
Kenny Florian finishes fights

...and he has always done a great job in his media work
5/15/09 5:56:12AM
I like Kenny. I have to admit to not thinking too much of him before he started taking things serious but now hes about as complete a fighter as you can get and imo hes someone younger MMA athletes should look upto. He talks really well and doesnt really trash talk, hes constantly evolving. I think it'll be tough for him against BJ but of all the LWs i think hes the only one with a chance.
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