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12/19/11 11:40:53PM
"Dropping to the featherweight division was way too much for my body to handle. The Diego Nunes fight was the worst I've ever felt on a weigh-in day. Luckily, I felt better on fight day and was able to pull out a victory. But, against Aldo it was a brutal weight cut, and I really didn't feel too great heading into the fight. In result, I had some medical issues I had to deal with. I had a thyroid issue that was based on the drastic weight loss. Those are the things you kind of ignore as a fighter, but it became very real to me after the fight. I'll now be moving and staying at lightweight. I feel that I have all the skills to get it done. I've had different issues over the course of my career, but I'm capable of doing it. It's just going out there and getting it done. I have some injuries I'm going to let heal for the next two months. Once those things clear up, I'm looking forward to getting back on the race to the title. I'm hoping it would be a well-respected, top guy in the lightweight division. But, right now I don't have anyone in mind. I have a back injury that I'm letting heal up. As soon as that's cleared, I'll start talking to the UFC about possible opponents. I think my career has a few more great years and fights left."

- Kenny Florian

12/19/11 11:49:48PM
Kenny is an awesome person & great fighter, I think he still is a handfull for any LW who faces him.
12/20/11 12:40:35AM
KenFlo looked like The Machinist @ 145 on weigh-in day
12/20/11 2:17:29AM
i like him at 155. may never be champ, but as previously stated, he is a handful for most 155ers, if not all
12/20/11 2:24:36AM
I really hope he'll be a champ one day, even if it means interim haha.
12/20/11 10:28:46AM
Good for you Kenny, 145 looked unhealthy! 155 should be more thanks lean enough for his frame and build.
12/20/11 10:50:57AM
I didnt like Kenny at 145, he seemed to try to use his wrestling as his main offense because he felt he had the strength advantage. I want Kenny " I Finish Fights" Florian back, and i think well see him at 155.
12/20/11 11:10:07AM
I wouldn't mind seeing Kenny step up to fight Gilbert in Strikeforce.
12/20/11 11:41:48AM
I am happy with Kenny's style. I don't think he has time left to improve significantly on any of the elements of MMA but one thing he can improve on is strength/muscle.

I don't know if it's just me - but I really don't see much a difference between the weigh in Kenny and the fight night Kenny. I guess what I am trying to say is - Kenny needs to pack on more muscle, cut more weight, and pack on more weight for fight night. If he can do this successfully without jeopardizing his cardio and reflex, I think he will have a legitimate shot at his last run at the light weight title.
12/20/11 1:01:16PM
give Kenny Guillard so he can get knocked out
12/20/11 3:07:37PM
Won't ever hold the title but always puts on a good fight
12/20/11 3:11:21PM

Posted by Michael_Corleone

I wouldn't mind seeing Kenny step up to fight Gilbert in Strikeforce.

12/20/11 3:30:33PM
He's a great litmus test for fighters on the rise, but I have zero desire to see him in another title fight ever. Best of luck to him, but he's not a guy I'll be pulling for to get a strap.
12/20/11 3:37:59PM
To be completely honest, if Kenny throws a few wins together against the long as the champ he is facing isn't Sherk, BJ, or Aldo, I wouldn't mind seeing Florian fight for a title at all, as a matter of fact, I'd be excited for it. He may pull the choke artist move he always does, but hey he would be fighting more than likely someone he has never fought before and as one who is not a fan of multiple rematches(unless of course 1st fight was a draw or some years have gone by)I personally love seeing two established fighters who have never fought before go at gives MMA fans something new to look forward to IMO
12/20/11 5:42:39PM
is it healthy for him to continue changing weights and such shit...geeez

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