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6/13/12 10:24:29AM
Two weeks ago, Kenny Florian, the man who finished fights, announced that he is finished fighting.

6/13/12 11:05:12AM
"I finish fights!" - Kenny Florian

`I finish fights in the first round!` - Erick Silva

:::Florian retires:::

j/k. Good read, I'd like to see this style of interview with all fighters as it's a more interesting read to me than "what got you interested in MMA?" "what did you have for breakfast?" and glad Florian went into detail on his answers.
6/13/12 4:35:19PM

Heaviest hands: BJ Penn, by far. I’ve never been knocked out in a fight and I’ve never been knocked out in training. But I’ve never been hurt the way that he hurt me. He hit me harder than anyone I fought or sparred or trained with.

You always hear about BJ's boxing skill but it's cool to hear from a guy that has actually been in there with him saying how hard he hits. It impresses me that Kenflo has fought guys in higher weight divisions and Penn is still the heaviest handed fighter he has faced, and he has faced alot of tough guys.

Anyway, Kenflo was a stud, and its always interesting to hear what he has to say, solid interview.
6/13/12 10:05:35PM
Bj was beating up Machida for a bit in their fight as well
6/13/12 10:56:15PM
Florian was an exciting fighter to watch and I am sad I will not get to see him fight again. I do enjoy his commentating so at least there is something to look forward too.

"Who wants to see fights finished at 155?!!" - Florian campaigning for a rematch with Sherk. Would have been interesting to see the rematch.
6/21/12 10:17:32AM
Hey Kenny how about that time Sherk threw you around like you were his little brother
6/22/12 1:15:29AM
anyone with a belt?