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POLL: Who takes it.
Florian KO/TKO 14% (9)
Florian Sub 20% (13)
Florian Dec 26% (17)
Sanchez KO/TKO 23% (15)
Sanchez Sub 3% (2)
Sanchez Dec 15% (10)
1/14/09 8:16:06AM
I definitely want to see this fight, and I would predict that it will happen this year. Florian would do better in the second fight, and he could win, but I'd bet on Diego. Kenny fights smarter, and that's how he could beat Diego, but as long as Diego reverts to his strengths he will overpower Florian and finish him. Both fighters have great Cardio so it would probably not be quick, despite what happened the first time.
1/15/09 2:17:56PM
Diego out works him to a decision I don't see what's changed they've both inmproved their skills but at the same rate I don't see what could go different
1/15/09 5:45:03PM
i would love to see this fight at 155 could be a good fight and easy for ufc to market so i can see them doing this fight down the line and i would bet by the end of the year. befor i can pick a winner i got to see diego down at 155 but he could be huge there.
1/31/09 3:02:56PM
you must have forgot about deigo...Deigo same dominant way.
1/31/09 3:24:04PM
The Kenny now is so much better and appropriately sized (not 185 anymore). He's improved SO MUCH in the last few years. Diego isn't gonna just beat him up like he did back then. Kenny takes this. Prob'ly dec or tap but he could get the ko.
1/31/09 4:00:23PM
I see Florian pulling out the Sub.
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