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2/18/09 9:41:27PM
kenny is the best lightweight right now he will be the next champ he will dominate everyone in his division (including bj penn)
2/18/09 10:34:58PM

7. Do not be a forum troll. No one likes forum trolls. Forum trolls are users who post things that are either absurd or insanely stupid for the purpose of annoying / riling up other members. Do not troll. Trolls are bad.

14. Do not post your OPINION as a FACT. Two facts: "water is wet", "the sky is blue". A non-fact: "Jon Doe will beat Joe Blow and you all know it" when they have never even fought before.

Congratulations, you managed to break two forum rules in one single post.

However, I see that you're new. So in light of that here are the website rules- I'd suggest you familiarize yourself with them before making any further topics.

Now, we like to treat new people nicely around here, so for any posters who come across this topic- please don't be too harsh on the guy.

I agree that Kenny has proven himself to be a helluva contender lately, though. The guy is making huge waves at LW, and I think he's only going to get better. There's only one way to go when Mark Delagrotte is your coach- that's up towards greater things. The way he dismantled Huerta was impressive as hell. I can't wait to see him get out there and tangle again.

EDIT: LOL, btw even though the Darth Vader picture was hilarious (and on point) I had to delete it. Please be nice to the dude since we playgrounders are better than simple trash talk. You never know, this guy could be the next FlashyG or have some really good things to say- so give him a chance, just coach him along
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