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5/31/12 7:35:46PM
Dana White just announced Kenny Florian's retirement from the sport after the weigh-ins.

5/31/12 7:45:07PM
I was curious to what that big surprise at the weigh ins was
Say it aint so KenFlo! Did Dana specify as to why?
Major injury?
Running for Parliament?
Please dont say its to focus on his commentating career! PLEASEEEEE!!!
5/31/12 8:03:44PM
He was a legit fighter
5/31/12 8:21:07PM

Posted by shaneTpain

I was curious to what that big surprise at the weigh ins was
Say it aint so KenFlo! Did Dana specify as to why?
Major injury?
Running for Parliament?
Please dont say its to focus on his commentating career! PLEASEEEEE!!!

Back issues I believe. He's done a great deal in sport, though. Not many people can say they fought for the title on three different occasions.
5/31/12 8:24:36PM
you know it's big when there are 3 threads about it! congrats on being the first FF47!

always enjoyed a good kenflo fight. wont miss the nickname though
5/31/12 8:25:30PM
I'm gonna be the first to say that I've never fully appreciated what he's done as a fighter. That's my bad, not his
5/31/12 8:28:25PM
Sad day
5/31/12 10:08:22PM
Kenflo was kind of an under appreciated fighter in my opinion. Not many people brought as much intensity and dramatic improvements to their game during his day. Very impressive.
5/31/12 11:07:34PM
so who is going to finish fights now?
5/31/12 11:16:19PM
I'll deffs miss him but now is the right time. The guy was in my top 3 fav TUF alum . MMA will miss you Kenflo!
5/31/12 11:18:28PM
Damn. I loved him in There's Something About Mary, and Zoolander was good too
6/1/12 1:07:48AM
i respect kenflo but never cared much for him even being from boston however hes still a legit fighter and good guy by all accounts
6/1/12 1:42:08AM
not surprising. he's no spring chicken. i would assume he's looking to explore the commentating world even more. great fighter though, even after dropping all the way down to 145 he gave jose aldo a better fight than many have given him in a long time. farewell kenny
6/1/12 2:20:56AM
I always thought Kenny was a smart fighter. He wasn't the fastest or the strongest but he was very methodical inside the cage and that IMO was the number one reason for his success. As far as officially retiring, I'm surprised this day did not come sooner. He does not need to fight anymore. He has a good future with the ufc as a commentator. Just one thing though - they need to separate Kenny and Anik now. It's not working.
6/1/12 3:52:28AM
A true shame that he is retiring, but I guess it has to be done. One of my favourites. I don't recall anybody else becoming such an elite, skilful and intelligent fighter despite not having the talent that many others can boast. That is truly respectable.
6/1/12 9:35:50AM
His greatest gift will still be the lesson of finding your weight class and sticking to it.....he should have never left LW.
6/1/12 9:37:11AM
Kenny's always been one of my favorite fighters, sorry to hear the news. I got to see him fight twice live once in Philly and once in Boston, he lost both fights but he always brought it. I've hoped he would get another shot at Diego Sanchez at 155 before he retired but guess that won't happen now. Good luck Kenny thanks for the great fights!!!
6/1/12 9:42:33AM
Saw that one coming. After so many title shots he's gotta realize it's not going anywhere
6/1/12 3:19:34PM
To me he was a guy that didn't have the greatest physical gifts, but made the most out of what he did have through hard work and dedication. I don't know that I can think of anyone that did more with less. That's a compliment, and not a knock at all. He didn't have the great power that can make some guys look better than they are, and he was never the fastest guy, but he was a handful for anyone and to get 3 title shots in the UFC is a pretty damn big deal. It's too bad for him that he never got that belt, but he's done more that most people do in their chosen field and has always been a class act. That's something anyone can hang their hat on.
6/2/12 9:06:48PM
Florian a.k.a. The Buffalo Bills of MMA
6/2/12 9:40:30PM
Kenny really is one of the hardest workers in MMA. He's not super-athletic, but he could always overcome it to a point through hard work and intelligent gameplanning. Sad to see him go, but I do feel like he's accomplished enough to walk away with his head held high.
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