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3/1/10 11:37:30AM
But there are no bad words between the Middleweight fighters facing each other, and both are looking forward to their UFC 112 fight in Abu Dhabi-and perhaps a few rounds at the bar afterwards. According to Grove, "I can't wait to go out there and fight. We get to do it in Abu Dhabi. We're making history; the first outdoor event in the Middle East. We're going to have war in war. Right when I got the word that we were fighting, I shot him a Tweet saying, 'Hey man, I respect you a lot. Good luck and let's put on a show.' He responded back, 'Likewise, it's an honor to fight you and we will give these guys a good show.' To me, that's just how our business is. At the end of the day, I can honestly say no matter if I'm on the positive or negative side of it, I will be the first to shake his hand and say, 'Let's go grab a beer or do something.' There are no hard feelings because business is business."

3/1/10 11:53:42AM
Props to Kendall.

I prefer pre-fight banter like this over trash talk any day.

3/1/10 12:15:54PM
War in the middle of war? I love how people lump "The middle east" into one giant category. As though there's nothing but battles in every country over there going on at any point in time.

That's like saying you're going to eat Gumbo in Arizona because it's sort of close to Louisiana. <--- doesn't make any sense, does it? Stupid comment by Grove.

3/1/10 2:44:26PM
really into this fight. It's going to be a good one.

I am going to lean a bit more towards Mark Munoz right now. I like Kendall. He's a good fighter and could catch him in a sub but Mark Munoz has some heavy hands.

gonna be a fun one to watch.
3/1/10 5:42:15PM

Posted by emfleek

I prefer pre-fight banter like this over trash talk any day.

Me too. The generic, tough-guy bravado is tired.

Posted by Jackelope

War in the middle of war?

Let's just hope Kendall's not planning to work for the State Department after he retires from fighting.
3/1/10 9:29:39PM
I definately am picking Munoz, working with the Nog's his sub defense is going to be great, and his hands have always been heavy, Kendall's been KOed a few times already...I'm smelling number 5!
3/1/10 9:54:18PM
I have Munoz taking this one. His wrestling should propel him past Kendall. Grove wont have a problem with taking to the ground thinking his BJJ will win him the fight. But I see Marks top control and GnP a much bigger factor in the fight than Kendall's BJJ.
3/1/10 11:40:03PM
hardest pick of the card for me but i am leaning toward munoz
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