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11/2/07 11:43:04PM
At UFC 80. I think Grove will put a beating on him.
11/3/07 12:05:50AM
Grove 2nd KO!
11/3/07 1:15:01AM
Depends which Rivera shows up. Rivera at full strength could very well put Grove away. He did, after all, pick apart David Loiseau on his feet, and Kendall Grove is no David Loiseau when it comes to striking. I would think Kendall would want to get this one to the ground as early as possible and try to sub him. I wouldn't be shocked, but I just don't see Kendall beating Rivera by TKO/KO.
11/4/07 1:16:02AM
I think Kendall is going to hurt after this one. Jorge needs a win in the UFC bad. Kendall's chin is his worst enemy. If jorge can keep it standing and pound his face Rivera is the winner, hands down
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