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6/24/08 10:11:17AM
Before Saturday night's "The Ultimate Fighter: Team Rampage vs. Team Forrest" finale main event, "The Ultimate Fighter 3" winner Kendall Grove (10-5 MMA, 4-2 UFC) had openly described the bout as having "loser leaves town" implications.

In the bout, Grove defeated former UFC middleweight champion Evan Tanner (34-8 MMA, 11-6 UFC) via split decision and earned what was arguably the most notable victory of his career.

"Da Spyder" was a guest on Monday's edition of TAGG Radio (, the official radio partner of (, and explained why he felt he was fighting for his future in the UFC.

"I was taking at as though I was fighting for my job," Grove said about his effort on Saturday. "And I love my job."

In one of the stranger scores in recent memory, Grove won the fight on two judges' cards 30-26 while a third judge awarded the bout to Tanner, 29-28. Grove felt his split-decision victory should have been unanimous.

"That's what happens when you leave it in the judges' eyes," Grove said. "But I don't know. ... Where I come from, I call that a [expletive] beating."

6/24/08 12:34:50PM
It made me sad that Tanner couldn't pull it out against Grove. But, you're damn straight Kendall was fighting for his job... if he got put out by Tanner, he would be sending his audition tape (the shadow boxing video for those who saw the other thread) to some seedy strip club on the island instead of sending that video to BJ Penn's Shadowboxing contest.
6/24/08 12:39:46PM
all grove beat was a old and tired man, i knew i lost the fight 3 min in the 1st round but it will be awhile before i bet on grove again, he showed me nothing
6/24/08 1:34:43PM
he does look to be improving but i think he is still not ready for the position he earned.
6/24/08 1:51:09PM
i'm guessing Tanner was going for the "white Kimbo" look...

i guess he was hoping the bear would provide a "shield"
6/24/08 2:09:25PM
I agree that Kendall isn't ready to be a World Champion but come on guys. He was a pretty big underdog and dominated Tanner. I mean, he won 30-26 on two cards. Outside of the Starnes/Quarry fight have you seen a card that lopsided before? (I'm sure you have but come on now.) I think that some credit should be issued to him instead of making the excuses that people are. If Tanner would've won, everyone would be mentioning how he's back and how he will challenge for a title.
6/24/08 2:19:08PM
Tanner pissed me off by getting that win, but he has skills. Unfortunately I think his glass jaw will ruin his career.
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