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8/5/09 11:01:52AM
“[When Almeida fought] Cote, I learned a lot. Keep my level low. He does get frustrated when he can’t control you on the ground, when you shut down takedowns, he breaks as a fighter, but I’m a firm believer that he learned from that fight and he’s going to come out a little different, he’s going to come out more prepared..."

8/5/09 11:09:19AM
This will be a pretty competetive fight but I gotta go with Almeida by Submission. Should be a good fight.
8/5/09 11:51:27AM
Big Dog is going to eat 'da Spyda'...

whats up with choosing the name 'da Spyda' anyways... if I knew I had nothing on Anderson Silva, I'd change my name to like... Kendall "The Grave Digger" Grove or something

Almeida answers with "when I saw Grove fight Cote, I learned that Kendall can only take one punch and then its all over for him"

Big Dog wins by UD after taking him down and working some sub attempts.. maybe he'll get an arm in guillotine causing a tap.
8/5/09 12:44:21PM
HAHA well put buddy!
8/5/09 1:09:23PM
I hate to do it but I have to pick grove for this fight. He is a more well rounded fighter than almeida. almeida has the adavantage on the ground but in todays mma well rounded trumps strong one dimension on top of that grove being 6'6 poses a ton of problems for almeida.
8/5/09 1:30:49PM

I like Grove, but picking him has burned me too many times in the past.

8/5/09 1:40:47PM

Posted by finnish_line

I like Grove, but picking him has burned me too many times in the past.


Im also hesitant picking him but he seems to have shaken off the back to back ass whoopins he recieved from the hands of cote and rivera, he's now 5-2 in the ufc and does have a good overall game and is heading back up so im going to take a leap of faith and pick him.
8/5/09 1:56:44PM
Not a big fan of kendall, but this could be a favorable matchup for him, almeida is short and kendall really uses his lankyness well, especially against inferior strikers. and i think kendall can hold his own on the mat with big dog. but i'm going with almeida just because i dislike grove, smart thinkin on my part.
8/5/09 4:01:11PM
If Almeida can keep him on the ground he should win this fight no problem, but the question is can he keep the fight on the ground....??
8/5/09 4:19:58PM
This is going to be one hell of a match. Almeida definetely has the ground advantage and I would give the stand up to Grove. I have to go with Grove in this fight. I really think he can pick apart Almeida in the striking. Then, when they are on the ground I think he can use his long arms and legs to hold Almeida in place and force a stand up. I gotta go with Grove to win the decision.
8/5/09 10:25:57PM
With Kendall's maturity he should win this time. If it was a couple fights ago then i would say no way.

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8/6/09 9:42:26PM
I think Grove is overrated. Almeida will be the better conditioned and stronger fighter. He will have a superior ground game. I would give Grove the nod on in the stand up base on his reach advantage. In the end Grove will not be able to stay off of his back and Almeida will grind out a decision or late fight sub.
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