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3/12/07 6:19:30PM
This is for the hardcore shammy fans, although everyone is welcome to try...

1 - At what event was Ken Shamrock inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame?
2 - Which three flags where waved during Ken Shamrock's entrances in the early UFC?
3 - Which Muay Thai kickboxer did Shamrock submit in Japan (real shoot, not on the fightfinder)?
4 - How many victories does Ken Shamrock have via heel hook?
5 - What is Ken's full birth name?
6 - What two reasons prevented Ken Shamrock from advancing to the finals of UFC 3?
7 - How did Ken Shamrock recieve "The World's Most Dangeroud Man" as his allias?
8 - What was Ken Shamrock's allias before "The World's Most Dangeroud Man"?
9 - Who did Ken Shamrock have a debate with on NHB, and on what show?
10 - How many UFC champions where members of the Lion's Den?
11 - Name one MMA promotion produced by Ken Shamrock.

Bonus Question:

12 - In a Muay Thai kickoxing match held in the Pancrase organization, who did Ken Shamrock lose to?

PM me your awnsers...
3/13/07 1:56:07AM
My answers are in, but I REALLY don't like him so I'll be surprised if I got 3 or 4 right
3/13/07 5:08:00PM
Almost got 2 and 10, and yes I wanted you to be more specific on 4... you scored a 2/11, not bad concidering youre not much of a fan...
3/13/07 5:09:32PM
Oh, and you came very close on 4...
3/14/07 1:46:35PM
Not much love for the shammy trivia...
3/14/07 2:47:45PM

Posted by richieb19

Not much love for the shammy trivia...

I tried it. Its hard as wood though.
3/15/07 2:13:53AM
How many people have tried Richie?
3/15/07 6:02:34PM
Madmark you scored a 0/11, Migo scored a 1/11...

I'm adding a bonus question to try and make it a little easier for everyone...
3/18/07 1:53:47AM
I thought there was more shammy fans on here than this...
3/19/07 3:14:16PM
This is pathetic
3/19/07 11:25:41PM
The questions are way too hard dude. Just post the answers already.
3/19/07 11:54:04PM
Well thats no fun...

Anyone who wants the awnsers ask me and I'll send you a pm...
3/25/07 4:12:50PM
I guess since no one is trying I'll just post the awnsers:

1 - UFC 45
2 - USA, Japan, Lion's Den
3 - Don "Nakaya" Neilson
4 - 5
5 - Kenneth Wayne Kilpatrick
6 - Injured knee, Royce dropped out of the finals
7 - ABC show on the wold's most dangerous jobs
8 - "The Rock"
9 - Senator John McCain on Larry King Live
10 - Ken Shamrock, Frank Shamrock, Jerry Bolhander, Guy Mezger
11 - Valor, WMMAA
12 - Frank "Animal" Lobman
3/25/07 5:15:12PM
I distinctly remember them saying he broke his hand in the semi finals.
3/25/07 5:17:01PM

Posted by migo

I distinctly remember them saying he broke his hand in the semi finals.

He didnt compete at UFC 2 cause of a broken hand, and he dropped out of UU96 because of a broken hand again after beating Brian Johnson... maybe thats what you remember?
3/25/07 10:44:35PM
Nope, I'm thinking of him breaking his hand on Felix Mitchell's dome.
3/26/07 7:14:04PM

Posted by migo

Nope, I'm thinking of him breaking his hand on Felix Mitchell's dome.

Hmmm, couldve been, although on Ultimate Shamrock he says it was his knee that was swelling up and not moving so he pulled out... and Royce ofcourse...

Like I said though he had broken his hand prior UFC 2 aswell, and it reoccured at UU96... so it's not hard to believe that he may have broken it aswell with Feelix Mitchel, although I don't remember him throwing all that many big punches at Mitchel, he went to town on Leininger just before though...
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