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2/8/09 3:01:40PM
Ken Shamrock's days as an elite-level fighter are over. The 45-year-old is comfortable admitting to that reality.

But as Shamrock (26-13-2) recently told (, "The World's Most Dangerous Man" feels he has done enough for the growth of MMA to warrant his continued pursuit of an active career.

2/8/09 3:07:52PM
Good lord near 400 pounds, Ken better be ready I guess, he does what he wants.
2/8/09 3:15:23PM
He should be taking on Kimbo still
2/8/09 3:36:46PM
No disrespect to Ken but im at the point where I dont care if he fights or not. He has done a lot for the sport sure but im just not interested anymore there are no match ups out there for Ken in my opinion!!!!

I think he should just coach his team of guys help them be the best they are capable of being.
2/8/09 5:10:30PM
Props to Ken.. The man wants to fight still who are we to tell him he has to quit? He accepts the fact he is not going to be a top contender and appears to be interested in fighting guys more his current ability level.. and for that I so Good on you ken.. give the people a show and do what you enjoy. .
2/8/09 5:44:14PM
I say go for it Ken. I mean just cause he can't hang with the best of the best doesn't mean he can't fight. I mean look at Severn he has fought at the lower levels for a long time and no one is getting down on him for it. Although Severn is still WINNING.
2/8/09 6:52:03PM
I'd like to see Ken keep fighting but at the same time I don't want him to get messed up or anything.
2/8/09 7:52:29PM
Exactly, at what point does the body just say F@$K YOU!!! KEN? I hope he doesn't get hurt but the reality is that it could happen.
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