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6/21/08 2:58:07AM
Frank Shamrock on his next opponent:

"My goal for my next fight is to fight Ken, to fight my brother Ken, to have a brother versus brother match. I think that's a huge fight that everybody gets–easy to understand. You could use it as a huge promotional vehicle because it's got such a great hook in it, and I think it's just a huge fight, so I've been working hard on that one. First quarter of next year, I'll get it done."

6/21/08 11:03:26AM
I think fans want to see relevant fights, and this is more of a sideshow.

On the other hand, it would be amazing to see Ken beat the crap out of him, but I won't hold my breath.
6/21/08 11:11:51AM
Frank only wants this fight now Ken is over the hill.

I hope we get to see one last hurrah from Ken and he smashes his annoying little brother into accident and emergency.
6/21/08 11:35:48AM
frank wants this fight becuase he knows how to promote.

Bad blood? Yeah got that. He could promote tihs and sell it on his own. It would be nicer if Ken could win a couple and make it look more competitive but Frank has to work with what he's got. Frank will destroy Ken but people will tune in. For all the "sideshow" crap I hear everyone wants to see the brothers fight. :) And what's wrong with a sideshow every now and again? I love MMA but I mostly watch to be entertained not to take notes, compare with my friends, analyze moves, and critique fighters. Yes, all of that kind of happens with a Jack and Coke in my hand, but I'm watching with my firends to have FUN. So word...bring on the sideshow!
6/21/08 1:15:17PM
yeah frank should win and ken retires.
6/21/08 2:20:49PM
I'm surprised I'm waiting time on even commenting on this fight. It's a worthless promotion. No one wants to see either of them fight
6/21/08 2:35:24PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

yeah frank should win and ken retires.

im just hoping to finally see that happen...can it actually happen this time??? will Ken retire or will he pull a Ric Flair on us.
6/21/08 3:52:37PM
Any chance they could fight for who gets to spew mindless drivel and get thier nuts hugged by the other brainless commentators at the next *cough*EliteXL circus?

6/21/08 4:17:31PM
I'm not that interested. But I will watch.

Frank should take this handily.
6/21/08 7:32:15PM
the only one to have anything to gain from this fight is Ken.. He loses.. big deal everyone expects him to ... He wins... He can at least retire with a positive note...

For Frank.. he wins ... big deal he beat Ken.. He loses .. HA HA you lost to Ken your just as washed up...

6/22/08 12:14:16PM
One thing is for sure, the statement "Nobody wants to see this.' Is wrong. Lots of people, even "diehard" mma fans want to see this. They may "know" what will happen but they want to see it. Just like I knew Royce would lose to Hughes but i Stil wanted to "SEE" it.
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