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5/13/10 11:19:18AM
Ken Shamrock is currently penned in to face Pedro Rizzo and not Mark Coleman at Impact FC on July 17 in Australia, has confirmed with promoters.

The Shamrock-Coleman matchup had been discussed but no agreement was reached.


I believe this is on the same card as Ninja- Jeremy May and I have read Semtex maybe fighting on this card too. Whoever wins this one should move into the top ten P4P discussion.
5/13/10 11:25:34AM
im on record as liking "legend fights", so im cool with this although i dont give shammy too much of a shot in this one. i read the jeremy may vs ninja thing earlier, and ninja had best not lose that if he wants to join his bro working for dana.
5/13/10 11:40:14AM
yeah i agree with legend fights so long as they are done responsibly. They are cool for nostalgic fans and extend careers and earning potential for legends without ending up w/ Sakuraba v. Manhoef. Hell i'd watch this just to see Kenny eat leg kicks.
5/13/10 12:37:37PM
LOL, hillarious ! I like this fight as legend fights go this is a pretty decent fight. I think Rizzo has a little more left in the tank and should get the Knockout but Ken could steal a decision if he can take Rizzo down.
5/13/10 1:31:07PM
i agree, Rizzo is much less removed from being a serious mma fighter. Ive got questions about his chin w/ all the punishment he's taken (and his tendancy to cut) but i dont think Kenneth will supply any answers
5/13/10 1:40:07PM
Ken Shamrock is getting KTFO
5/13/10 6:45:54PM

This will end badly.
5/13/10 9:35:43PM
LOL shamrock will do one kick and fall down
5/21/10 11:23:34PM
This went from a competitive legends bout with Coleman that was actually quit compelling to another sure fire KO loss for Ken Shamrock.

Pedro's chin is missing in action though so if Ken takes enough steroids he might land a big one first.
5/22/10 8:47:41AM
when i saw this, i just started to .. why is this fight even happening lol
5/22/10 11:04:55PM
If Jeff Monson couldn't take Pedro down and tap him on two seperate occasions,then Ken Shamrock sure as hell won't do it.

Pedro,for all his faults,still hits hits and kicks incredibly hard.And Ken is very fragile at this point-remember,he got KO'ed with a jab by Robert Barry.

Pedro by first round KO.

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